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I feel like a mindless drone.
That everyone wants to work, squeeze, and drain empty.
Now, I’m just waiting for someone to put a gun to the back of my head.
Just be a dear and pull it quick, so I won’t be missed
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If I stopped breathing would you even care?
If I stopped existing would you even give a fuck?
Would anyone even give a rats ass?
I think to myself a lot.
Why haven't I pulled the trigger yet?
Maybe I will. Fuck it. Maybe I will.
Nah, I'll just fall asleep like the last time.
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I have this aunt
I really hate her
I pop pills to make her visits bearable
Thankfully, she only visits once a month
But, she really fucking sucks
She goes by many names
Mother Nature is one of them
Yet, I feel like cunt is more appropriate
Fuck that twat Aunt Flo.
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I dream of noodle filled nights.
Swimming through a sopping wet heaven.
Filling a hot tub full of spaghetti noodles.
Letting them soak, cook, and soften.
And slowly sinking into spaghetti.
I am now slippery and slimy.
Just like the noodles I have just cooked.
It slimes over my body, breasts, and thighs.
I am one with the spaghetti.
I'm glad I was greeted by this spaghetti surprise.
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Go To Sleep
    My family would speak to me like a broken record. Go to sleep, you have school tomorrow. Yet, it seems like they have no idea what is actually going on inside my stupid fat head. Half of the time, I don't even know what's going on myself, but mostly it's just the constant feeling of impending doom, fear, and constant suffocation. Trying to fall asleep is a nightmare. Laying in bed, while the shadows of the night circle around me getting ready to grab ahold of me and squeeze every last drop of life from my body that I've been trying to hold on to. Rotting away in bed, shifting my eyes side to side because of the fears of what's lurking in the darkness. My heart is racing and my mind is going numb.
    Sometimes I feel like I have voices in my head, but really they're just memories. It's just a huge jumbled up mess in my brain. I feel lost and scared. Like I want to punch a wall until my fists can't take it anymore. My mind will ramble on and on where I can
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Nose by ermguger Nose :iconermguger:ermguger 0 0 Peace, Love,  PDX by ermguger Peace, Love, PDX :iconermguger:ermguger 0 0 Stop Eating Disorders by ermguger Stop Eating Disorders :iconermguger:ermguger 1 0 Sketch Dump #1 by ermguger Sketch Dump #1 :iconermguger:ermguger 1 0 Spectrum by ermguger Spectrum :iconermguger:ermguger 2 0 Chai by ermguger Chai :iconermguger:ermguger 3 1
Binge watching Friends.
When I have no actual friends
Netflixing my life away.
All day. Every day.
Episode after episode.
Season after season.
What will I do when I finish the show?
Find a new series? Watch a movie?
Or maybe I will find some actual friends?
Nah, I'll just rewatch Friends again.
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    I was just laying there rotting away in my bed. The same old thing I do every single night. However, tonight was different. I was listening to the music of raindrops falling from the midnight sky. There was a kind of rhythmic beat to it, the tap, tap, tapping can be so peaceful and sleep inducing, but tonight my brain has been preoccupied.          
    My mind has been on repeat for hours, practically all night long because all I can do is think about her. I've always had this sort of feeling for her, but not like this. Tonight it was stronger than ever before. I always have this strong feeling of guilt thinking about her, but she's addictive. She's the epitome of perfection.
    I kept on laying in bed, I try to shake the thoughts of her out of my mind, but they always find a way back. After a while, you just have to give into the bittersweet temptation. The thought of having her in bed with me, cuddling up for warmth gives m
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I love you, like our love for weed.
I lust for your taste & I yearn for your smell.
While my heart aches, you escape like the smoke itself.
Now I'm broke and I'm in need of my usual fix.
But, this time it isn't for weed.
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Me by ermguger Me :iconermguger:ermguger 0 0 Raindrops by ermguger Raindrops :iconermguger:ermguger 1 0


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